Insurance, Boat Safety Scheme and adjacent waters

Owners of boats are required to have third party insurance with a minimum cover of £2 million.

An exception is made for unpowered craft with a block area of less than 6m2.

You must sign an insurance declaration when you pay for your annual or short visit toll.

The National Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) applies to all boats with engines and/or cooking, heating, lighting, refrigeration and other domestic appliances, including open boats propelled by outboard motors with fixed electrical systems such as electric starts. It does not apply to open boats propelled solely by outboard motors and not fitted with any of the above appliances/systems.

Compliance is required for craft within the scope of the scheme and a copy of a valid certificate must be produced when applying for registration and toll. Visiting craft within the scope of the scheme with no BSS certificate may be subject to a hazardous boat check. 

Most boats in "adjacent waters" have the requirement to be registered, insured, pay tolls, and comply with boat safety standards.

The Frequently asked questions about adjacent waters should answer any questions you may have.

Boat Safety Scheme website. Please note that elements of the Boat Safety Scheme are under review - please go to the Consultation page for more details.