How we work

Our vision for the future of the Broads is set out in the Broads Plan which is a long term strategy for managing this very special part of the national park family.

Our Commitment

The Broads Authority's commitment is to:

  • Be well known and in touch with local people and interested parties
  • Be respected for its innovative research and projects
  • Have a close working relationship between a team of informed members and a dedicated staff with clear goals who enjoy working for the Authority
  • Have an efficient and effective operation that makes good use of public money
  • Have sufficient resources to make the big impact on the Broads that is required to fulfil the Authority's statutory functions and meet its ambitious objectives
  • Demonstrate sustainable practices.

Broads Plan coverBroads Plan

Broads Business Plan 2014/15 to 2016/17

Broads Authority executive area map

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance comprises the cultures, values and processes by which government bodies operate to ensure they are doing the right things in the right way.

This is our Code of Corporate Governance and our Annual Governance Statement

Defra's draft Structural Reform Plan published on 16 July 2010 delivered the coalition agreement commitment 'to review the governance arrangements of National Parks in order to increase local accountability'.

Although the majority of National Park Authorities have broadly similar governance arrangements, it was felt the most effective way to undertake the Review was for each Authority to consult locally on potential changes which would work best, whilst reflecting the status of the Parks as national assets.

The consultation invited comments from any organisation or individual who wished to respond. These responses were directed to Defra in the first instance, who forwarded copies to the relevant Authority for consideration. A special meeting of the Broads Authority was held on 15 February 2011 to consider these responses.

Hard copies of all consultation documents are available by emailing the National Parks governance review team at Defra.

In 2017 we chose to have a peer review conducted by the Local Government Association (LGA). You can read more on the peer review and download a copy of the findings here.

Privacy statement

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